Home Improvement Tips from an inspectors point of view

Here are some home improvement tips from an inspectors point of view :

 Heating and cooling home Inspection energy inspection guide  Home Inspection guide to energy- How to stop air leaks
 Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling – Click to Download the PDF  Air Leaks and Air Sealing – Click to Download the PDF


Smoke alarm placement

What your Personal Home Inspection Should Include

Importance of Sump Pumps


And here are a few questions and answers, people have about home inspections :

What is a home inspection ?

Can anyone perform a home inspection ?

Why should I have the home inspected ?

How do I request a home inspection, and who will pay for it ?

Should I be present when the home inspection is performed ?

Are all inspection reports the same ?

What should I do if I feel something has been missed on the inspection ?

If, following the home inspection, the seller repairs an item found in the home inspection, may I have the Home Inspector perform a “re-inspection” ?

In my home purchase I have chosen to sign the standard Offer to Purchase and Contract form which many real estate and legal professionals use. It states that I have the right to have the home inspected and the right to request that the seller repair identified problems with the home.
Will the home inspection identify all of these problems ?