What your Personal Home Inspection Should Include

Michigan home inspection is one of those main duties which can never be overlooked when it comes to owning a new house. A professional home inspector not only makes a homeowner aware of the problems in a house, but also saves him from spending his money on something which is not worth it since buying a house is a very important decision and especially, an extremely expensive investment. The home inspector from Total House Inspection lets any potential home buyer know which areas need to be fixed or not safe. It is always preferred that one should hire a professional home inspector because a trained eye is better than untrained one. However, this does not mean that one cannot inspect the home all by himself. There are few features regarding the house which one should be aware of in order to pull off the personal home inspection with the help of a home inspection checklist.

Home structure inspection

The best way to start your own personal home inspection would be to begin with the infrastructure of the house. Make a list of the areas that you think require repairing. Walk around the house and make sure you check each and every wall, window, door etc. Check the floor by walking on it and ask yourself how it feels. Inspect the ceiling if it has cracks in it or if it needs to be fixed or any water stains. The best strategy would be to check the attic; it will give you an overall view of the roof. When you are checking the exterior aspect of the property, find the broken and missing pieces of shingles, you do not have to climb the roof for that. Go to the basement afterwards and see if there is dampness and proper insulation. Find evidence of leakage inside as well as outside the house. Walk the outer part of the property. Your house should be elevated from the ground level so that the water does not get into your house during the rainy season. Branches and trees which are near the roof are big concern. These branches can create mold spots. They can even grow under the ground and affect the plumbing system of your house.

Water system inspection

Check the pipelines and look for cracks and holes if there are any. If you find any pipe which is rusted or showing signs that it might crack open in the near future, then ask the seller to repair it. Check the layout of the ground. Is the water being drained into the basement or is it being drained away from the house? It is the area in which the buyer might need the assistance of a professional.

Electricity and heating system

When you are checking the house for personal home inspection, check each and every single switch. Make sure that no wire is burned, or sticking out. Check if the air conditioner and heater are working properly. Knowing the age of the air conditioner, heater, dish washer and refrigerator can give you an estimate about the credibility of the appliances.

Why chose us ?

Hiring a Rochester Hills home inspector from our company, can do more than save the money that you would otherwise have wasted on a unsound home. Remember, being professional home inspector in Michigan means that they know what goes into a good home more than a home buyer, and is more objective .