Kitchen Inspection

Inspection of standalone refrigerators, freezers and built-in icemakers are outside the scope of the inspection. No opinion is offered as to the adequacy of dishwasher operation. Ovens, self or continuous cleaning operations, cooking functions, clocks, timing devices, lights and thermostat accuracy are not tested during this inspection. Appliances are not moved during the inspection to inspect below or behind them. Portable dishwashers are not inspected, as they require connection to facilitate testing and are sometimes not left with the home.
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Inspected Item Image
Cabinets Inspection
[yellowbox]Condition: Needs Maintenance

[/yellowbox] Problems:
-The cabinets are scratched or damaged.
Cabinet doors are missing.
Cabinet drawers are missing.
Cabinet sink shows some evidence of water damage from the disposal
 Counters Inspection
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory

[/greenbox] Counter Tops: Laminate
 Disposal Inspection
[redbox]Condition: Not Satisfactory

[/redbox] Operational: Operating
Make: Insinkerator
Disposal leaks, needs to be replaced
 Flooring Inspection
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory

[/greenbox] Type: Wood
 Receptacles Inspection

[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory

[/greenbox] Type: GFCI
 Sink Inspection
[yellowbox]Condition: Needs Maintenance

[/yellowbox] Problems:
-The caulking is deteriorating.
Rehabilitation of caulking is needed.