Are You Ready For A House Inspection

Is the home ready for a house inspection?

Having your house ready for a house inspection, plays an important role in the selling process.

There are lots of articles that you can find online, and videos on YouTube about the selling process. The other day, when I was doing a home inspection in Oakland, Michigan, I realized that are lots of home sellers that are not familiar with the inspection process.

After you have a signed purchase agreement, most likely the buyer will hire a professional home inspector. To make the process a little easier, I recommend to follow some steps.


What the seller should do for the house inspection


Provide access

Clean and move any items so the home inspector can have access to the attic, main water shutoff valve, main electrical panel, furnace, and water heater. The home inspector needs to have access to the attic, basement, crawlspace.


Keep pilot lights ignited

Many home inspectors will refuse to light pilot lights because they are not covered for that type of liability. If your pilot lights are not lit, then important items such as the water heater, gas stove, fireplace or furnace will not be inspected, and the buyer could delay closing until those inspections are completed.


Provide Repair Documents

It is a good idea to have receipts, warranties for any work that you have done in the house. It will give the buyer peace of mind to know those items were done professionally.


Prepare to be away for a minimum of three hours

The best way is for you, as the seller, not to be present at the inspection. This will help the buyers to feel and get more comfortable with the house. For the first part of the inspection, I will inspect the house by myself, so the buyers have enough time to plan the way they want to have the home (furniture, wall colors, TV location).

Often buyers will ask questions, and most of the time they are uncomfortable asking questions if the owner is present.

Crate your pets, but the best way is to remove them from the premises.

Good luck and I hope that everything will work out great with your home selling process.