Should I be present when the home inspection is performed ?

Do you have a busy schedule and want to know if you should be present when the home inspection is performed ?

Answer :

Whenever possible, you should be present. The inspector can review with you the results of the inspection and point out any problems found. Usually the inspection of the home can be completed in two to three hours (the time can vary depending upon the size and age of the dwelling).

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Advantages Of Home Inspections

Home inspection process is very important before you make your decision to get your hands on a well maintained home. A typical House inspection is a sort of visual examination of the physical features, structure, appearance and the system of the house.

Buying a home is a great deal since a home is one of the most important assets of yours. It is a good strategy to consult a professional Rochester Hills home inspector before making a deal of buying a new house. Home inspectors are responsible for identifying if the house has any defects in it and pointing out the major repairs.

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Home Inspection Advantages for buyer

A few reasons why you should inspect a home before you buy it :

  • The inspection has already been done so there is no need for the buyer to look for a trusted house inspector and pay a lot of money.
  • The problems which were in that house are mostly corrected when the seller inspects the house. If these problems are still not corrected than at least they are known by the buyer which is very convenient for him.
  • The inspection report helps the buyer to get the third-party information which is accurate and has been inspected by the professionals home inspectors in Michigan.
  • The report assists the buyer to acquire finance.
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