Home Interior Inspection

Our inspection of the Interior includes a visual inspection of the readily accessible portions of the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, cabinetry, countertops, steps, stairways, balconies and railings. Please note that a representative sample of the accessible windows and electrical receptacles are inspected. These features are examined for proper function, excessive wear and general state of repair. In some cases, all or portions of these components may not be visible because of furnishings and personal items. In these cases some of the items may not be inspected. The condition of walls behind wall coverings, paneling and furnishings cannot be judged. Only the general condition of visible portions of floors is included in this inspection. As a general rule, cosmetic deficiencies are considered normal wear and tear and are not reported. Determining the source of odors or like conditions is not a part of this inspection. Floor covering damage or stains may be hidden by furniture. The condition of floors unde rlying floor coverings is not inspected. Determining the condition of insulated glass windows is not always possible due to temperature, weather and lighting conditions. Check with owners for further information. All fireplaces should be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to make sure that no cracks have developed. Large fires in the firebox can overheat the firebox and flue liners, sometimes resulting in internal damage.

Home Inspection report on :

Electrical Systems and Components
Cooling System
Heating System
Plumbing Systems

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Inspected Item Image
 General Information
Number of Bathrooms: 2 1/2
Number of Bedrooms: 4
 Floors Inspection
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Type of floor: Hardwood, Carpet

-There is evidence of moisture damage to the floor.

Wood flooring in the library shows evidence of water damage. Further damage is possible.

 Walls Inspection
[yellowbox]Condition: Needs Maintenance[/yellowbox] Type: Drywall

-There are cracks/holes in the wall.

Evidence of drywall cracks in the great room (kitchen wall).
Drywall wall section has been removed in the library room.

 Ceilings Inspection
[bluebox]Condition: Professional Consultation[/bluebox] Type: DrywallProblems:
-There are cracks or loose sections in the ceiling.
-There is evidence of water damage to the ceiling.Comments:
Water damage ceiling dinning room
Missing ceiling drywall in the library room.
See additional pictures at the end of the report.
 Entry Doors Inspection
[redbox]Condition: Not Satisfactory[/redbox] Material: Metal
Insulation: Not InsulatedProblems:
-The entry doors do not open and close properly.
-The entry doors are damaged.
*The entry doors were not inspected for being out-of-square.

The entry door is damaged or defective. The entry door hardware is defective. You should consult a licensed contractor about the needed repairs.

 Fireplace Inspection
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Type: Wood-Burning
Operational: Yes
 Other Entry Doors Inspection
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Type of Door: Sliding Glass
Insulation: InsulatedComments:
Sliding door screen is damaged. Must be replaced
Stairs / Railings Inspection
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox]
 Windows Inspection
[yellowbox]Condition: Needs Maintenance[/yellowbox] Type: Double Hung, Casement, Fixed
Material: Wood
Glass: Dual Pane
Storm Windows: YesProblems:
-There are rotting or broken window frames.
-There are functioning windows without screens.

Kitchen & 2nd floor bedroom windows missing screens