Home Inspection Report Sample

Home Inspection Sample Report

Home Inspection Report Example

The home inspection report is a part of what a client will receive after the inspection is done. The report serves as an introduction to the home for our clients by describing the visible condition of the house at the time of the inspection.  During the inspection the home inspector takes lots of pictures of the present condition of the house, issues found, and the location of the issues. Comments about the issues, suggestions about the repairs or improvement are also included.  In addition the report will have some helpful maintenance tips to keep the house in good shape years to come, and to prevent expensive repairs.


Our home inspection report is a narrative type report and consists three parts:

  1. a description of a condition of concern;
  2. a sentence or paragraph describing how serious the condition is , and possible ramification of the issue
  3. a recommendation. Recommendations may be for specific actions to be taken, or for further evaluation by a qualified professional in the specific field


Below is an example of our report that the client will receive after the inspection is done. It will be emailed to the client as a PDF attachment, or a link will be sent where it can be downloaded.   Just keep in mind that the home inspection report is an example to get an idea about the format of the report.


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