Cooling System Inspection

This is a visual inspection limited in scope by (but not restricted to) the following conditions: – Window and/or wall mounted air conditioning units are not inspected. – The cooling supply adequacy or distribution balance are not inspected. – Pressure tests on coolant systems are not within the scope of this inspection; therefore no representation is made regarding coolant charge or line integrity. – Judgment of system efficiency or capacity is not within the scope of this inspection. – Cooling systems are not dismantled in any way. Secured access covers are not removed. – The interior components of evaporators, condensers and heat pumps are not viewed. – The interior conditions of cooling components are not evaluated. – The presence of leaking refrigerant lines, heat pump oil, etc., is outside the scope of this inspection. Please also refer to the pre-inspection contract for a detailed explanation of the scope of this inspection.
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Inspected Item Image
 Air Conditioning Unit

Condition: Satisfactory

[/greenbox] Status: Tested
Capacity: 4 Ton
Location: Exterior east
Last Service Date:Problems:
*The system was not inspected for low refrigerant.
 Air Conditioning Type

Condition: Needs Maintenance

[/yellowbox] Type: Central Air
Fuel: Turned On
 Electrical Disconnect

Condition: Satisfactory

[/greenbox] Location: Next to the unit
 Air Distribution

Condition: Satisfactory

[/greenbox] Type: Ductwork
Located in: Each Room