Basement and Crawlspace Inspection

Many of the building’s structural elements and portions of its mechanical systems are visible inside the Crawlspace. These include the foundation, portions of the structural framing, distribution systems for electricity, plumbing, and heating. Each accessible and visible component and system was examined for proper function, excessive wear or abnormal deterioration and general state of repair. It is not unusual to find occasional moisture and dampness in the Crawl Spaces and we advise annual inspections of this area. Significant or frequent water accumulation can affect the structures foundation and support system and would indicate the need for further evaluation by professional drainage contractor. We advise to monitor your Crawlspace during the rainy season.
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Inspected Item Image
Type: Full
Access Location: Stairs
[bluebox]Condition: Professional Consultation[/bluebox] Type: Concrete
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Type: Steel
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox]
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Floor Type:
[yellowbox]Condition: Needs Maintenance[/yellowbox] Wall Type: OpenProblems:
-The walls are stained or water damaged.
-There are areas of the basement with exposed rebar.Comments:
There is a crack near sump pump that shows water stains.
Evidence of a crack at a window
Evidence of water leaks from rebars near electrical panel
You should consult a licensed contractor about the needed repairs.
Additional pictures at the end of the report.
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Floor Type:
 Floor Drain
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Visibility: Visible
 Sump Pump
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Type: Submersible
Status: Not TestedComments:
No water in the sump pump
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Ceiling Type: Open
 Sub Flooring
[greenbox]Condition: Satisfactory[/greenbox] Visibility: Visible